Charleston massacre: Who loaded Dylann Roof?


A vicious triggerman mowed down 9 people — who were celebrating community and spirituality in the historic AME church. This is the home of Denmark Vesey. The sacred ground of the greatest slave rebellion conceived on American soil. This is an institution that represented the African American nation.

And the heart aches, at the heartless murderous hatred that spit bullets.

Let me just ask: Whose soldier was he?

He did this deed while proclaiming that familiar motto: Give us our country back.

Whose motto is it? Who has spewed the lie that only white Christian conservative people are “the real Americans”? Who has filled the airwaves and ignorant minds with the lie that the U.S. is the focus of an alien invasion — of brown, black, Muslim, gay, “mongrel,” demonic forces?

This rage-filled ignorant vicious fool loaded, over and over and over, as he killed.

But who loaded him? We know. We all know.

And we say: We will expose you. We will confront you. We will defeat you.

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