Alain Badiou: Eleven points inspired by the situation in Greece

“There is not – there is no longer – a European “Left”. There is a little hope, which is still not very clearly defined, in the wholly new political formations linked to the mass movement against debt and austerity, namely Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece. As it happens, Podemos repudiate the distinction between “Left” and “Right”. I do, too. It belongs to the old world of parliamentary politics, which must be destroyed.”


Dylann Roof Kasama Project

Charleston massacre: Who loaded Dylann Roof?

“A vicious triggerman mowed down 9 people — who were celebrating community and spirituality in the historic AME church. This is the home of Denmark Vesey. The sacred ground of the greatest slave rebellion conceived on American soil. This is an institution that represented the African American nation.”