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 “Now suddenly….a different day is approaching — where we can increasingly see and act in in startling ways, with rippling new impact. Ears perk up. Sights are raised. The pulse quickens. Suddenly we recognize the faces of others — once unknown to us — animated and awake with a common spirit. The powerful look discredited and vulnerable. Morning is coming…. Go and wake the sleeping ones.” —from Five Minutes to Dawn

The Kasama Project is a multinational communist organization whose supporters come from diverse communities across the United States. Some of us are life-long veterans of previous communist and socialist organizations and mass movements, others of us are new participants in the struggle for a another, better world. We are united around the Kasama Project’s “Statement of Political Unity,” and share a commitment to engaging in a process of communist reconception and regroupment. We are committed to investigating strategic faultlines here in the belly of the monster that is US capitalism, imperialism and white supremacy; and to actively participating in ongoing popular struggles where our modest forces permit.

The Occupy movement and the #BlackLivesMatter movement are proof that something important is happening: New avenues of possibility are opening up for revolutionaries in this country.

“Advanced, radical and discontented people who felt alone and isolated — suddenly realize they are millions. Allies emerge out of shadows, attracted by each early flame.”from Five Minutes to Dawn

In some locations we have groups of supporters engaged together in active work, in others we have individual supporters who represent us in their area. There is so much to be done, we are stronger together. If you like what you read here, we want you to join with us.

We are open to people of all nationalities, sexual orientations and gender identities.

“New thought jumps from human to human, morphing in each passage, adapting and refining. The forms of expression shake off the old and exhausted… A new generation invents its language from the messaging in the air.” —From Five Minutes to Dawn

We recommend that individuals interested in working with us begin a course of study on a number of our core documents (all available here on our website), including:

Statement of Political Unity and Code of Conduct

Nine Letters to Our Comrades

Shaping The Kasama Project: Contributing to Revolution’s Long March

Sites of a Communist Beginning

If you are interested in contributing to our work and joining with us, please contact us.

“Only the people in their millions can make a socialist revolution in the United States. The organization we need will require the fusion of presently scattered conscious revolutionaries with whole sections of the oppressed in a process of mutual transformation to constitute a revolutionary people. We strive to identify the faultlines in this society along which struggles that have the potential to facilitate such a fusion are likely to break out and, as our forces permit, to support and initiate organizing projects to begin that process. We welcome all who sincerely share our commitments.” — from our Statement of Political Unity

It is our duty to fight for our freedom, it is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.” —Assata Shakur