Shaping the Kasama Project

Contributing to Revolution’s Long March

KASAMA_PAMPHLET_shaping_the_kasama_project_cover_200x266A Discussion Paper by Enzo Rhyner, J.B. Connors, John Steele, Kobayashi Maru, Mike Ely, Rita Stephan, and Rosa Harris

includes the previous web docs:

1: Grabbing Pitchfork or Theoretical Knife, 2: Revolutionary Work and the Pull of the Sect


We are trying to build something new and very revolutionary from scratch — based on the “9 Letters” call for a radically different kind of communist politics, and based on the work we have done together since that call….

We will not arrive on the scene like some magical galvanizing thunderburst to tell everyone else what to think and do. Let’s have some scientific non-messianic modesty and not perpetuate Avakian-style grandiosity. We will strain to make real contributions. There may be contributions that only we can make. And that matters. But we expect much from many other people.

Forming a new sect would be not breaking with the errors that brought us here. The theoretical knife has to cut deeper.

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